Child 5

Mission & Goals


“Our mission is to make visible to the whole community the rich culture of childhood and to engage in a continuing dialogue related to teaching and learning. Our image of the child is that of being competent, intelligent, a co-constructor of knowledge and a researcher actively seeking to make meaning of the world, often in collaboration with others.”

- Reflections ‘Reggio Emilia Principles within Australian contexts’. Jan Millikan 2003:33.



In relation to children…

  • A variety of resources, materials and experiences will be provided to children in all areas of their development; physical, social, emotional, creative, cognitive and language.

  • The program will include interactions where staff and children can explore Catholic values, social justice, equality, empathy and responsibilities.

  • Children will be considered and consulted wherever possible on matters that affect them.

  • Self-help skills are encouraged and facilitated by staff so that children become increasingly autonomous whereby their self-esteem and confidence will flourish.

  • There will be a focus on ‘Learning to be’ and ‘Learning to grow’.

  • There will be a holistic approach to learning, which includes growing; as a person, as member of their family; as a member of the community, as a citizen as well as academically.

In relation to families…

  • The centre will have an open door policy, inviting families to participate at a level they feel comfortable.

  • Open communication will be achieved by the use of notice boards, meetings, parent handbooks, communication books and daily interactions.

In relation to the centre…

  • The centre will be kept safe and clean at all times.

  • The environment of the centre will be aesthetically pleasing; it will be a positive and professional place.

  • The environment will be thoughtfully set up to allow for children to be self-motivated.

In relation to staff…

  • Staff will know the children, their interests, abilities, strengths and needs by using a variety of observation tools.

  • Staff will use a wide range of teaching methods to effectively educate all children

  • Staff will balance intentional teaching with child-initiated activities.

  • Staff will use critical thinking, observation and reflection to continually improve their teaching practices.
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