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Health & safety

Our centre follows the guidelines by the Department of Health in regards to infectious diseases. With so many children attending the centre, we must ensure the well being of all the children. Children with infectious diseases are not permitted in the centre. Please notify the centre if your child has an infectious illness. Children showing signs of any infectious disease will be asked to stay at home until a doctor’s clearance certificate is presented to the office or staff on duty. Any vomiting, diarrhea, or high temperatures must be clear for at least 24 hours before returning to the centre. There will be more information on this in the policy folder which is located in the foyer.

The centre has written procedures for safety checks. These include checks on the building and equipment, opening and closing of the centre, accessing potentially dangerous substances etc. Material Safety Data Sheets are kept on all products used in the centre. All hazardous substances are stored in a locked cupboard and are inaccessible to children. ‘Warning’ signs are displayed on these areas. More information on this is in the policy folder which is located in the foyer.

Allergies and Special Diets

If your child has a particular food intolerance, or special allergy requirement, please discuss this with the Director. Should they require a specific range of products, you may be required to supply specific foods. Changes to your child’s food or allergy requirements will need to be made in writing.

Anaphylactic Response

If your child has been diagnosed with a life threatening allergic reaction, please provide the centre with a letter form the doctor with instruction on the procedures for the appropriate emergency response. Families are to provide medication, with written authorisation and are responsible for monitoring the ‘use by date’ on medication. More information on this is in the policy folder in the foyer.

The centre has elected to be a ‘nut aware’ environment.

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